Welcome to Adam Rising. An adventure like no other.

Like minds linger in like places. It is a fact, people want to be surrounded by like minds for the purpose of support. It boosts our morale and gives us a sense of community. Adam Rising provides welcome and solace in a cold world of abandon. Bisexual men are, from all accounts the least accepted social group in America. Yet it is likely the most abundant in number.

Together, bisexual men will rise from the perceived darkness of social disgrace. Through the pages of this blog we will consider the obscenity of "normal" and the toxic paradox of normalcy. Along our journey, one great truth will become vividly apparent. If everyone is wrong how can anyone be right?

In our hearts we know that we are not a disgrace. And we are not wrong to be our selves. Bisexual people are life in abundance. We are sexually unlimited by gender. It is this freedom that some can not understand and so it is shunned. To use a religious phrase, many do not understand what they cannot see. And so we will start here where anything beyond a fine line is considered a sin.

Last night, as I was driving home from a late night appointment, I listened to the radio, AM talk radio. I believe that it is good to consider many view points in an effort to better understand our own. And as much as I find political and religious alienation to be unproductive I still listen to the myopic rants.

Amidst the scattered reception I heard a preacher speak of the few. The very few churches who have the medal to call themselves a church. In other words he was saying that unless other churches were like his own then they lack the medal to be worthy of god. Talk about a fine line. That mans logic is the seed of intolerance, not to mention the out right arrogance to suppose that your own view is the only view considered acceptable by god.

Please do not think that this blog is against the idea of god or living a conscientious existence. Adam Rising is about being true to our own selves so that we can better accept those who need to deny us our own self. And this quest begins no further that the reflection in a mirror. Look at yourself and know that you are free to be yourself and that you will be loved more deeply for doing so.

Adam Rising is here to offer support for our freedom to be ourselves.

Join in with Adam and together we will rise in the freedom of bisexuality.

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