Penis Pleasure

For many men, the path to orgasmic bliss often revolves around the penis and all of the wonderful sensations that we experience with our cocks. We love to be pleased. Why deny it. Try it once, everything and every way from a gentle squeeze to electronic stimulation. You never know what new sensation that you may discover.

For me, I love to please a mans penis. I especially like to slide my tongue around smooth shaved balls and up and down the mm .. just thinking about it gets me distracted. Once I have a cock wet and slippery I can better tickle it and slide it deeper into my mouth. A very hard penis lets me know that your are enjoying my company. I crave that erotic connection. In a way, it validates my existence because I am in the giving and doing something nice for someone else.

A great blow job starts with a clean mouth and fresh breath. I like to have a bight smile while I am pleasing my company. Its is fun for me and I want my oral friends to know how much I am loving it. It makes my mouth moist so I can open deep and wide for giving complete oral pleasure.


Now that you have a nice friend to share special times together lets get started. It is time to bring his cock to a heightened state of awareness. Get comfortable and make sure his cock and balls are fully accessible.


I like to kneel below my friends with my knees resting on a pillow because I plan onĀ  being there for a nice long time and loving it.


If you like to receive and give then I suggest trying the 69 position. What a treat for men to be able to access each other with ease. We can suck and watch each other suck at the same time. It is natural harmony and feels divine. You will love it and so will he. Here is a great idea.

One of my favorite ways to prime the erogenous pump is to get/give a massage. I meet lots of great men like this. Single, married and partnered men all love a nude massage. Consider becoming a member of Adams Massage Club.

Imagine meeting your massage therapist for the first time. His studio is warm and he invites you to "get comfortable". You should make a similar offer. This way we know that we are all comfortable with our bodies. Its okay to be hard before you get on the table. He will notice and he will appreciate your interest. After a few minutes of massage you might be compelled to touch your therapist.DCIM100GOPRO

After that, with mutual interest, you can both lay on the table and proceed to indulge each others cocks with wet and warm kisses. With some gentle stroking you will both be at the peak of your sexual arousal. Once there it is best to control it and enjoy life on the edge. Try to last 30 minutes and love on that cock.

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