My Favorite Toy

Tuesday is a day like every other day. I wake up knowing that physical pleasure is at my fingertips. I delight in a morning pee, a cup of coffee and a fantasy about a man and his cock. At my computer, my focus wanders between internet news articles and sports highlights. From a distant page, the moaning joy of sex fills the space and so I click on the tab for a closer inspection.

There is a man and a woman kneeling together. He reaches from behind her and slides one hand across her ample breasts while the other moves down her belly and into her silky panties. She leans back to lick his mouth as his finger penetrates her wetness. With a sigh she turns to face him and lowers her head toward his fully erect cock. Her hand lightly holds his shaved balls and with a soft caress she gives his head a slow kiss.

They are a German couple. I don't know a word they say but I fully understand their meaning. The man leans back to point his erection to the sky. His cock fills my computer screen. It gently arches from his balls to the strawberry head. His cock is swollen with anticipation and its veins are popping with desire.

The man utters a German phrase and tries to touch it but the woman pushes his hand away. Her long hair glides across the shaft as it pulses for a firm touch. The woman hands move up his thighs where her thumbs rest under his balls while her fingers tickle his curly black pubic hair. His cock throbs and sways until a tongue begins to slide up the shaft.

All I can see is a shiny wet tongue as it crisscrosses his beautiful cock. I can taste his skin like it is my mouth inching ever closer to his pink head. The warmth of his body is on my lips now as my own cock lusts for a squeeze. My hand wraps around the base of his cock with his balls pressing against my arm. All that I can see is my lips reaching out to kiss the dew drop glistening at the tip.

It is slippery sweet. My tongue spreads it all over his head and lubricates a path for my lips to travel. Inside I feel a smile welling up with the joy of giving. He moans with approval as I slide him into my mouth. "I like this," I say before his whole cock disappears between my lips. His entire cock is inside of me and I hold him there until I cannot breath. I gag and release my hold of it.

My spit pours down his shaft and I plunge back onto it. I feed on the desire that I cannot quench. My hand moves up and down his slippery cock with my mouth and tongue working his head. His hips push back and lift higher toward my mouth. He is ready to cum and I lick his head while torrents of silk drip from my lips. Smiling, I continue to lick his throbbing cock and squeeze out every last convulsion.

"Cocks are my favorite toy", I say to myself as the movie fades into black. I lean back and unload my own passion all over my chest. With my own moaning all I can say is, "wunderbar."

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