Men of Men

As the world unfolds amid the guise of propriety, men struggle to reveal their true selves. Millions of men are hidden within a veil of marriage, masculinity and perception in an effort to disguise their ambient sexuality. It is a difficult path to tread. Everyday is shrouded in denial, doubt and confusion. Its a catastrophe lived out in the hearts of millions every day.

For a man named Adam it is a continual lie to himself for the purpose of living a life without judgment. Like a shadow his true spirit reaches into the misty darkness for comfort. But there is none. Only the razors edge of ridicule await his pleas. He knows this and recoils from taking action. The laceration of public perception will leave a bloody trail of rejection that he cannot endure. Only the burn of salt will linger into the scarred memories.

Who would willingly welcome such a response? No-one. A coming out party would be lifelong trial with burden and guilt. And so he pulls back in fear. It is easier to live a lie than face the lonely road of personal truth. And so Adam, like millions of other men, will linger in the shadows seeking solace in the fantasy of chance.

Adams story is a slow decay of life and the abandonment personal achievement. For how can anyone achieve their full potential by denying their own existence. It cannot be done. Unless we are true to our core we will never be true to the world at large. It is a catch 22 since the world will try to devour us if we reveal our true self.

And with a sigh Adam folds his hands upon his chest to contemplate the tragedy. "I am living a life out of balance," he says. "Negative feelings and helplessness weaken my drive to survive." The truth looms in a psychological wasteland for Adam, where cancer can flourish with anger and freedom lost. Without love, sickness blooms in the emptiness of a weakened spirit.

Thus, Adam Rising is one mans quest to rise from the abyss. It is a story with a happy ending. A story bi-sexual men everywhere can relate to. Be a part of a strong willed community and enjoy a bisexual life with a spirit renewed.

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