Adams Massage Club

Adams massage Club: Sponsored by Davids Bodywork

Adams Massage Club: Option # 1

When you become a part of the club you will enjoy a monthly personalized massage from me. Once a month I will come to your home for the purpose of petting your body and releasing all of your inner tension. These are quick and focused sessions directed toward you most urgent need. They usually last 20-30 minutes. If you cannot host then I will plan to have one day available per month when I will host at an upscale Hotel or at my home studio. This is a monthly membership and the fee will renew as long as you desire my service. $50.00/month.

Adams Massage Club: Option # 2

If you prefer a longer session, my standard rates will apply, however, as a benefit to all men, you can enjoy a great discount on my massage standard massage sessions. Buy Three 60 minute studio sessions and get one free studio session. $240.00

Adams Massage Club: Option 3

Just contact me to schedule a 60 or 90 minute massage session. My sessions are cash only, 80 and 120 respectively. My sessions are only scheduled by phone 443 292 2326.

Please enjoy my introduction video. Hope to see you soon.

Just follow the dots and click.....Adam's Introduction

...m4m massage is a great way to experience a male connection. Just relax into the moment and never feel embarrassed. No one massage therapist should ever judge you based on marital status, age, body type or "size". Remember, this is a massage not a beauty contest. Enjoy!