Adam Rising is all about male sexuality. Adams Massage Club is about men connecting.

Sponsored by Davids Bodywork.

One of the most elemental needs of all humans is touch. Touch connects us physically and emotionally. The physical connection between two people opens our emotional universe. Adams Massage Club is a great way to have a connection.

Massage is an important element of our well being. Massage creates a spiritual connection between the mind and the body. That "feel good" sensation is the revelation of being loved. It heightens our self worth, perceptions of relevance and empowers the human will to live.


You will receive a monthly massage session from me in the comfort of your home. These are connection sessions where we spend 15 minutes sharing our thoughts and connecting at a sensual level. You just sit back and enjoy my hands gliding over your most sensitive area. This is pure pleasure.

Adams Massage Club requires a monthly subscription of $50.00. With your subscription you will also have full access to and group massage nights. Feel free to schedule a single session to get to know me and then join the club. Standard outcall rates will apply.

Members of Adam Rising are automatically entered to win a free massage with Adam. Standard studio sessions are $80.00 and $120.00 for 60 and 90 minute sessions respectively. Outcall prices vary with location. Baltimore $150, Annapolis, Frederick and DC $200.
Just follow this link to ADAMS MASSAGE CLUB

Please consider a membership to the Adams Massage Club and the benefits of a consistent connection.

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