Welcome to Live Cam with Adam

Live Cam with Adam is only available to members of Visit the Membership Options Page to become a member. I hope you will chose to become a member and tell me your own stories of sexual awakening.

You can join me for private one on one video chat or watch me give a live sensual massage, yes, one with a happy ending. It could be you. My live  sessions are not only interactive they also come with prizes. You could win anything from lip balm to your own sensual massage session.  All naked fun,

One hour prior to the group event I will accept emails regarding your interest and respond via email with an invoice for that session. See price list below. One on One sessions are available anytime that I am logged into Skype. My Skype name is adam.rising.1

ONE on ONE .   $20.00/session       This session will include You and Me live in a video chat. In confidence and with all discretion, we can discuss our sexuality, the duality of life and our favorite forms of sexual expression. Any topic you choose. These sessions are very therapeutic and empowering. Its all good fun.

LIVE  MASSAGE.     $20.00/person        This is a group session but I will be unable to interact via chat. My hands will be busy. I will demonstrate good massage technique in the context of a sensual massage ritual. This is pure pleasure. You just might win your own. Just like the group chat sessions, 1 in every 10 men will win a free 30 minute massage.

Adam's broadcast is limited to the use of Skype. Joining and using Skype are free.  You will need to be part of Adam's Skype contacts to get access to the live sessions.

Join SKYPE and join in the fun with Adam Live.

Come on in!

Watch the sample video and join Adam for a live one on one or group cam session. You just might win a free sensual massage.

Adam is local to Baltimore Md., Adam hosts men for group massage, gay massage and live massage demonstrations. Be part of the fun. Visit

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