Healthy Habit #3

Consider the past..

Our past performance is a great indicator of future results. I am reminded of this because I have many friends who have been "dedicated" gym rats over the years but their bodies remain the same. I would consider them over weight and that is being kind. Unlike many friends, I do tell them that they are just killing themselves and that they are wasting all that effort in the gym.

I am being blunt because when in comes to being healthy, there are no exceptions. It is either healthy or its not. Half way to healthy is just static equilibrium. Don't go half way. Diet is the most critical element to health. On average, we eat 21 meals a week with some snacks in between. On average, gym members only exercise 3 times a week. Therefore, diet is at least 7 times more important than exercise.

If your past habits are to buy (1) toxic foods then you must alter this habit. If you are busting your butt in the gym and have nothing to show for it then your diet is holding you back. It is time to change your shopping habits. You will likely spend a little more and feel a little more hungry but you are worth it. Besides, no one ever said that a quality life is a life of abundant food. I like to think that a quality life is a life lived in abundance.

There is no better way to live abundantly than to have the energy and enthusiasm necessary to live, learn and explore all that you can. A fit body and an open mind will surely make you life experience more adventurous and abundant.

If you want to lose weight/inches then I will make a few suggestions.

Step 1: Eliminate carbonated and sugary beverages from your diet. Avoid processed foods whenever possible. Snack foods including potato chips, crackers, pretzels, candy, ice cream and pastries should only be a rare treat not a staple. Eat lots of celery and nuts as in between meal snacks.

Step 2: Dinner should never contain starches more than 3 times a week. This includes rice, potatoes, pasta and carrots. Have meat with dinner only 3 times a week. Red meat including pork should be limited to twice a month. Fish and chicken are your best alternatives. Never eat within 3 hours of going to bed. Stick to water and celery if you must. No fruit late night.

Step 3: Breakfast is a absolute requirement. Never skip it. Just leave out the bacon, sausage and ham unless its a weekend. Consider them a reward not an expectation. Lunch is best if you make it at home. It will save you money, gas and wasted time. Pack a sandwich, fruit, whole grain items and drink lots of water. When you are hungry before and after lunch, eat celery and nuts.

Healthy life styles are habit forming.

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