Healthy Habit #2

Healthy Habit #2: Know WHY you have a goal.

We all know this simple fact, we must know our goals in order to walk the path toward them. But what many people fail to acknowledge is that every path to a goal comes with serious challenges. Challenges that will test our endurance, self control, emotions, and possibly some relationships. I guarantee that they are all worth it because you are worth it.

OK, so you are worth it, whatever it is. But are you ready to earn it? Time will tell.

Know this, to reach your goal it will take sacrifice and that means suffering. Unless you know WHY you are about to suffer then you will never endure the mild discomfort of suffering that will accompany you along your path. Sounds bleak doesn't it? Most folks cant handle it. Suffering elevates an immediate flight(1) response in most humans. And it is this response that is the reason why most people fail to achieve a goal.

(1) Consider the first time you met up with danger or conflict. That uneasy sensation filled your gut with butterflies and you likely backed away or maybe said something irrational. This is the flight response. Its a natural response and valuable when used properly. Unless you control it, it will be a major limitation to your path.

I said that to illuminate a few common scenarios.

It's Friday night and your friends are headed out to do what you have done with them for months or years. It's a gathering at the local eatery and everyone wants you there. But if you go its likely that you will stay late and overindulge. That will make it difficult to wake up early to go to the gym/run etc. And so you try to decline the offer despite the potential conflict. But the inevitable "awe come on" pleas will tempt you. You want to avoid loneliness on a Friday night. You will rationalize that it been a hard week at work etc and now your promise to get up lay in the balance. What will you do?

OK, so it's Saturday morning now. Last night you caved in to appease the seduction of your "friends". You said you will just go double time on your trail run. You get up, an hour late, but you are up. You kick off the sheets and muscle your way to the closet for some running shoes. This is it, you are dressed and ready but the weather man dropped the ball. There is no sunshine. A cold front moved in faster than expected and the rain has just begun. Can you deal?

So now its Monday, it's another busy day and your homemade lunch just wasn't enough to satisfy your hunger. Dinner is a thirty minute car ride plus the time to cook it. It was gonna be fish tacos with pico de gallo and fresh greens. Then you see them. Fast food places are lined up and blowing char broiled bliss into your nose. Maybe you have a weakness for pizza; come on, who doesn't love the grease? It's only a couple slices. Right? No-one will know, except you! Will you cheat yourself?

Conflict comes in all sizes. It is perpetual. The path to achievement is far from easy. The challenges seem simple enough until you are faced with them. Are you ready? You will be if you know WHY you have set this goal. If you don't know WHY then it was just a whim and you are likely to fail. This is why new years resolutions are a waste of time. They are whimsical and sound good when you tell of your plans.

My suggestion to you is this. IF you have a goal, no matter what it is, write it down. Then list as many reasons as possible WHY this goal will matter to YOU. These are affirmations. Make a 5 or more copies of the goal and the affirmations (at least 3). Paste a copy to the fridge. Put one on the bathroom mirror. Have one in your wallet/purse. Leave one on your coffee table. And put a copy in your car. Make it obvious, put them where you can see them because you are going to read them out loud every day. Look at yourself in the mirror and read them. Smile and know that you are worth it.

In a few months this will not be necessary. In a few months you will have developed new habits and all the challenges will be no more than a distant memory. Now you are on the path. You will love yourself for it. Everyone you love will love you for it and they will benefit from it also.

Get started today!

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