Healthy Habit #1

Healthy Habit #1: Be willing to change.

Change is a universal truth. Humans are dynamic organisms by nature. Our survival as individuals and a race depend upon our dynamic and adaptive qualities. Yet, many people fight this innate capacity to change and it becomes an inner battle that can result in stress, anxiety and possibly illness.

The reasons why people fight change are as varied as the colors of a spectrum. We all have our own and I will consider the main reason, fear. Fear is the most common reason. Fear of change is the fear of the unknown that accompanies change. People are fearful of how their change will affect others perception of them. To this I say that those who matter will not mind and those who do mind do not matter. That is a simple cliche but effective. In the end we need to do what is best for us as individuals so that we can best contribute to the world as a whole.

To fight change is to limit your ability to grow as a human and survive. Just by reading this post a change is inevitable. With every new thought a small change is made. Often, we don't notice the change until we apply it even if only subconsciously. The habit of accepting change is paramount to the success of every other step along our own paths of healthy living. Your willingness to change will allow you to more freely accept a healthy life style and the challenges that will accompany it.

Consider the word NO. Its a very powerful word with unfair negative connotations. Fundamentally, NO is a limit, a line that will not not be crossed. It is the difference between the change you desire to make and the static existence that will be left behind. When you say NO to old bad habits it becomes less likely that you will act on them. I often say NO that bowl of cereal I crave before bed or fast food when I need a quick meal. I know that I will be hungry but I will also be healthy for the choice. Besides, it is OK to be hungry. For arguments sake, let's not confuse hunger with starvation.

Diet and fitness are the most popular change that people attempt. Other excellent changes are to quit smoking, learn a new language or go to rehab. Whatever the change, we need to accept the challenge that it will create. Once we know what it is we are going to change then we need to make a plan. If diet and fitness are the your focus then you must be ready to make several changes.

Healthy lifestyles require a healthy plan. Plan out your meals and the time you will invest into exercising. If planning out meals looms like a giant cloud then just begin by altering your grocery shopping. For some this will mean to start grocery shopping. Its easy and it can be fun. Just follow a few simple rules: stay out of the chip/snack isles and the one full of sweet drinks, make frequent visits to the vegetable lanes and buy lots of fish and poultry, preferably all organic and happy poultry. Remember that nuts make for excellent in between meal snacks. Keep nibbling it maintains a high metabolic rate.

This article is only a brief overview of change and our need to willingly accept change. You can find the support here at or with a coach who will be relentless in assisting you achieve your goals. Remember, coaches are guides not friends. They are going to tell it to you straight and hold you accountable.

"Be the change you want to see in the world." Gandhi

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