Harrisburg Hike

This orgasmic masturbation video was freshly made Jan 31 2012 on a sunny day near Harrisburg. I was near running water that created much background noise. Alas, it was very fun. I hope that you will join me on my other wacky adventures.

Watch a sample here.

A leisurely Harrisburg hike and a wonderful day to masturbate. As these days pass bye and I work from home I find that I have lots of time to masturbate. If you would like to join me on cam we can get together there. I only cam with members of Adam Rising.

I also do massage raffles. Massage raffle is just that, a raffle, Entry fee for the raffle is $10.00. The winner gets a free 60 minute session. This is a therapeutic session. If you don't win the free session, don't worry, you can apply your entry fee toward a regular one hour session. This way no one really looses.

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