Good Morning Fantasy

Its a beautiful spring morning. Bright sunshine gives hope for coming warmth while busy birds scatter seeds of musical exuberance. The raw and delicate power of spring stirs my imagination and my desire to scatter seed of my own. I can feel the energy rise between my legs like a flower stretching to meet the morning sun.

It is an unexplainable magic. The feel of skin on skin is a delight that improves with age. Sensual pleasure and my desire to please cock also intensify with the passing days. Where once was a passing fantasy has now blossomed into a daily preoccupation. It is a physical lust for sure and a primal burning desire.

As water slowly boils for a morning brew, fantasy consumes me. I think about having breakfast with my sexy lover. As we stand in the glow of sunrise I tease his penis into a torrent of rage. I want to dine on it. I sit him down and I place dollops of yogurt on his cock. It slowly drips down his head and along the shaft. I lick of the sweet vanilla creme from his balls and hard pink spoon. Over and over I repeat the process until I fill my mouth and throat with the full glory of his morning erection.

It is a connection with all things wild. I get lost in time where there is no time. My mouth is a soft warm nest where his cock can cuddle with my wandering tongue. I feel a shivering pulse as my lips tighten around the pink sunrise and warm tides of man fill my mouth. With a aftershock of delight he pulls away and I am left alone, waiting and wondering.

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