Welcome to Adam Rising: The evolution of a mans sexual expression.

Within these pages Adam shares his tales of curiosity and delight. The magic and power of sexuality are revealed through Adam's tales of self exploration and personal acceptance. Adam Rising is devoted to the comfort of curious bisexual and gay men. A place to kindle our sexual spirit and accept our unique desires. Together we will explore our sexuality in a free and open environment. There is no judgement of right or wrong. Just an easy place to be free and connect with our own unique sexual preferences.

Not only are the pages of Adam Rising filled with the stories of Adam exploring his own path into sexual enlightenment but it is a place to interact with other members who are on their own path of acceptance. Chat with other men who have come to know the pleasure of bi-sexuality and being gay. Sexuality is a path best explored with others.

Adam Rising is focused on respect and acknowledges that sexuality is not expressed though the penis alone. Sexuality can be the feeling of closeness, a touch, body contact, kissing, oral and anal play. It is more than that. Sometimes it is the cloths we wear and the way we speak or eat. Just the look of a stranger can ignite a mutual moment of sexuality.

Relish all the moments of sexuality and open up to a broad world view. It is a proven fact that our intellectual capacity is increased from a cultured existence. An existence full of art, music, literature, language and self improvement. Our individual pursuits are best rewarded with feelings of belonging, love and the freedom to express our minds.

Health and Wellness are vital to our overall human experience and a key ingredient to a vivacious sexual experience. And so Adam writes about his own philosophy with regards to Health and Wellness. Health, wellness and an expressive sexual constitution combined all help to create a positive outlook for life and spirituality.

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This site is for men and men in bloom who have or continue to struggle with their own sexual curiosities. We all seek acceptance and hope to be welcome in a world without shame or indignity. Sexuality is an expression of life that cannot be denied. To deny our own self is to shred the foundation of our being. Denial leads to sickness, inferiority, and even harm. Chose the path of self wonder and fulfillment. Open sexuality is a path to wellness and enlightenment.

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